Monty and Nuzzie take Biltmore by storm.

“Monty, Shake n Bake, Chocolate Phil, Jimbo, Simone and Nuzzie”


After spending the last 2 weeks training intensely under the watchful eye of Kylie (Shake and Bake) and Simone (Say-Moan) camp favourites Montana and Nuzzie were ready for the Biltmore Hunter Pace to be held at the Biltmore Estate. After a chilly start the teams were ready to go and hit the ground running. The horses had ten miles of hills, sandy tracks, river and over ten jumps to manouver with the aim of the game being to finish within a certain time. Both horses were on their best behaviour and recieved plenty of admirers over the day.

Phil (Chocolate Phil) and Jimbo were fantastic helpers for the day, both are aiming to compete in an upcoming Hunter Pace themselves.

Camp Carolina currently has 11 horses whom are enjoying some well deserved time off after a busy summer. The horseback programme at Camp Carolina offers in camp skills clinics to first time riders with the aim to get campers out on half, full and overnight trips to nearby forest such as Dupont and Pisgah. We also offer jumping clinics, “pimp my ride” trips and treasure hunts for all campers.

Monty and Nuzzie are now in training for an upcoming Hunter Pace in Tryon with plans to enter a two day event in November.


“Best friends Monty and Nuzzie ready to go!”



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