Tube socks and high shorts

Hello and greetings from Camp Carolina.   Since camp has finished we have been busy getting everything ready for next summer.  For this Fall we have Jimbo, Simone, Jenifer, Maryanne, Kylie, Alfred, Mary-Eccles, and JJ helping out in the office.  Greg, Mike, Phil,Anton, Trent, and Dave have been busy on Maintenance making lots of  improvements to the grounds and buildings.  This fall the maintenance crew has already resided and painted, the skate park, the Chalet and are currently making new benches at the camp fire area.  Next they will begin remodeling the Mander cabins.  


We are excited about our up coming 88thseason of turning boys into men.  In the spirit of tradition we have been archiving a number of old photographs and catalogs throughout our history.  We would like to reach out and reconnect to all of our old campers and staff and hear about your experiences.  We have already begun posting some of the pictures we have found.  So if you love tube socks, high shorts, and bowl cuts check us out on our facebook page for more photos like these.

Who Can spot Alfred?

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