Surprise Sea Kayak/ Tubing Adventure

Last week a great group of campers were invited on an overnight kayak trip to the stunning Lake Jocassee. The day was a scorcher and what better way to spend it than paddling on the calm warm waters of Jocassee. After a relaxing paddle and a spot of lunch, the campers all climbed up to Jump Rock to take in the view before taking a giant leap into the water below. The campers at this point had no idea that the overnight sea kayak trip they had signed up for was actually about to turn into an overnight tubing trip as well.

The Moomba suddenly showed up, tube in tow, to create some waves and give the kids a chance to test their muscles and balance on top of the tube.  After the kayaks were packed back on the trailer, the kids split up on the two speedboats and headed back out onto the lake.  The kids had a great time trying their best not to fall out on the tube and hold in their smiles of enjoyment. Some survived Big Bertha while others put on a show for the camera and took some awesome spills.

Eventually we packed up and headed out to the camp sites for the night. The kids put up their tarps and played games around the camp fire before being treated to some tasty damper cooked in the fire.

The next day we headed out to swim in one of the many waterfalls at Jocassee where the kids all jumped off the high rock into the water.  Before long it was time to head back to camp and share the tales of the tube with their cabin mates. What a day!!







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