Action Packed Final Week for CCB’s Main Session

Wow the last three weeks have really flown by at Camp Carolina. The Main Session kids are gearing up for a final fun filled week with prize trips galore, World Cup Soccer to look forward to and the always incredible Olympic Games. Every camper has the chance to get out of camp this week and ride the big trails on a bike, board or horse. They can kayak the big rapids or the placid ocean, climb the biggest rock faces or go for the biggest air on a wakeboard!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Carrie Anderson says:

    Thanks so much for everything. Isaac had a blast! He really matured a lot over the two weeks too. Thanks so much we love Camp Carolina and Isaac will be back next year. Thanks to all!!

  2. Will Fearon says:

    The last week was the best week of all eventhough we were forced to leave that week. The world cup soccer was kind of a coincedence because usa won! –Will Fearon

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