4th of July Celebrations Come Early at CBB

Independence day came early for the campers at Camp Carolina with a huge fireworks extravaganza to top off a day of crazy games as well as an all camp dance with Camp Ton a Wandah.

The day started with a shout of “Newts out of camp” as the Newts climbed aboard the Big John for a wicked trip to Sliding Rock. The kids had a great time, slipping and sliding down into the pool below. The ‘ever so warm’ water temperature made for a great refreshing start to the day. Back at camp the kids were given some ‘independence’ to participate in a variety of activities such as soccer, skating, swimming, basketball, low ropes, swimming, archery and the awesome dining hall hill slip n’ slide.

In the afternoon, the entire camp participated in the Fourth of July games. There was an epic chocolate pudding eating competition, a way cool face paint station, the ‘don’t break the egg’ toss, all out tug o’ war battles, three- legged races, potato push and the confusion of the dizzy- izzy race.

After an early dinner the boys at CCB showed off their fancy attire and wicked moves, playing host to Camp Ton a Wandah. The Newts and Dogs rocked the skate park, dancing wildly to all their favorite hits. Meanwhile, the Huggers and Manders entertained the older girls in the dining hall. The atmosphere was awesome as all the boys got on the dance floor to show off their best moves.

As darkness fell everyone moved to the OD Field overlooking the lake to watch CCB’s Fourth of July fireworks show. The flame bearers lit the Poi spinners fire poi which mesmerized the crowd in between the wows of the bigger fireworks. Each explosion of light seemed to get bigger and brighter, silencing the crowd with only gasps of astonishment.

What a great way to celebrate Independence Day at CCB!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joan Doré says:

    Sounds like a great day at camp for Shane and Owen!

  2. Cheryl Flanders says:

    So jealous! It looks wonderful…..Where’s the camp for the mom’s? Hope Adam Mander had a good time too.

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