Dogs Whitewatering and Barbecued Lola!

The second Tuesday of the June session saw one of the best days for the Dogs Tribe yet! It all started with an announcement at breakfast. “Finally, we have an all day Whitewater Rafting trip for the DOGS!!!” The boys went wild, and we soon found ourselves aboard “Big Richard” on our way to the Upper Pigeon! The anticipation of the awesome trip to come could be felt as we excitedly chanted, sang, and put the finishing touches on our tribal song for that night.

Before we knew it we had arrived at the river! We had some lunch, sun-blocked up, and each grabbed a life jacket, helmet, and paddle before setting out down the mighty Pigeon! The rapids were huge – much bigger than on the Lower Pigeon that some of the boys had done as Newts! “All forward” was the call as we approached the raging torrents, and the boys paddled their hardest to ensure we all got over the rapids safely! “Left forward, right back!” was the call on the flats, as we spun the rafts in circles, invaded other rafts, and swatted away the beaver sharks with our paddles! “All backwards” was the call from raft guide Mark as he accidentally ran his raft aground – Rocky! Rocky! Rocky! “All forwards!!! Go hard!!!” was the call as we approached the epic “Hawaii Five O” rapid at the end of the section, and we all hurled over it with water spraying over our bodies and big smiles on our faces!


The dogs enjoying their rafting adventure!

But the fun wasn’t over yet! Once back at camp we tucked into some delicious dinner, and then it was time to perform the song we had prepared for the tribal song contest! Our song was to the tune of “Forget You” by Cee Lo Brown, but it was instead called “Barbecue” and was a comedic song about the temptation to cook and eat owner Alfred’s daughter Bren’s pet pig “Lola”! The boys gave a rousing performance, with lots of energy and enthusiasm, and even remembered all the words! Bren wasn’t very impressed, but the judges were, and the Dogs were awarded best tribe song! The boys feasted upon their reward of pizza and soda until their bellies were heavy and their counselors were done pulling them down from the walls. What an amazing day for the Dogs tribe at CCB! And the amazing thing is, it only gets better from here!

Lola in her element!


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  2. Jack Sweeney says:

    Cee Lo Brown? Wot?

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