We are the Manders, the mighty mighty Manders!

The first weekend for the Manders’ tribe came around swiftly. After an action packed kick off to camp the heat was turned up with an all camp game of Commando Capers on Saturday afternoon. The Rangers led by Burke were pitted against Seagull’s Commando force in a battle that was fought with weapons of aqua destruction – water balloons!! After a grueling campaign, the Rangers ended victoriously while the Commando’s had to settle for second……….this time!

The Commando forces ready for action!

When the truce was called, the boys headed to clean up for an evening of entertainment with the girls of camp Rockbrook! The Manders and Huggers entertained the ladies at CCB while the Newts and Dogs took a bus out to Rockbrook. The dance floor erupted when ‘Don’t Stop¬†Believing’ by Journey was blasted out by DJ Lain. It was an evening of excellent dancing from both camps and the ladies left enthralled by the night that the boys had put on for them.

After a well deserved lie in on Sunday, the boys arose at 8:45am. CCB was graced with the presence of Nature Man, Steve O’Neill. He had come to show the campers some of the animals he looks after. He was in possession of the most interesting indigenous mammals, marsupials and reptiles of North Carolina. ‘Nature Man’ kicked off his show with a massive Tiger salamander. He explained to the campers how they lived and what they eat. Next out was a lizard named Indy. She was greeted to a chorus of ‘wows’ and some ‘that is cool’ could definitely be heard. Indy looked out on to her audience and tasted the air with her forked tongue. Then he moved on to his collection of snakes. He brought with him a corn snake, a rattle snake, a copperhead and good old plain rat snake. It was carefully explained that these creatures should be approached with caution, not to get too close and that they are important to the environment as natural predators of rodents such as mice and rats. A possum was brought out next. It tried to get on top of Steve’s head but had little luck much to the amusement of many campers and counselors. His thoroughly enjoyable and educational session ended with a pet of the rat snake and question time with regards to all his animals.

Nature Man Steve O'Neil in action with his possum

Sunday afternoon means Biltmore train!! The campers pick between a wide range of ice cream flavors – there’s rarely a flavor not included. Each week the campers’ cabins are assessed on how clean they are and are inspected each morning after breakfast by the head counselor. For the first week cabin 24 reigned supreme which meant they were released first after lunch for ice cream. The campers loved it and left feeling totally refreshed!



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