2011 Staff Cabin Day at CCB

The preseason at Camp Carolina is drawing to an end. Counselors have finished their training and are getting set up to take in their first set of kids for the summer.
Tuesday night CCB staff set off on the first cabin day of the season where we headed to Kuykendal group site. Staff set up tarps, a camp fire, cooked hotdogs and played games. The day was spent playing cricket and other activities and as night fell we had some awesome sing-a-longs around the camp fire and made schmores!
Everyone headed to bed and slept under the stars, ready to wake bright and early to get back to camp in time for a fun filled day of trip activities!
Much fun was had and many laughs were shared as staff are getting excited for the up coming opening day at CCB

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  1. Steve Mezzacapo says:

    Hi Gabe and Kyle,

    I just wanted to thank you both for a great day. I wish I could have stayed! I am sure Jack is having a blast with the both of you and his new freinds.

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