Mud and bats………….it can only be caving in Saluda!

The second trip available to the father and son group was an exciting trip to Saluda cave. The group gathered at the mountaineering shed ahead of their adventure and gathered the necessary equipment (headlamps, helmets, gloves, ropes etc). Leading the group would be our famous, vintage program director JJ, ably assisted by Collier and Mez. They set off on their half day adventure and it was pretty obvious from the start that JJ was the most excited in the group……he hadn’t been out of camp in 5 years so it was a pretty big deal for him. As the group arrived they received a safety talk and then unfortunately had  to clean up some parts of the cave as some people has left some tea lights and trash in and around the area. The kids were taught about respecting their environment and how important it was that there was still areas like Saluda cave around for them to visit and learn more about the history of the area.

There was a final safety check before headlamps were turned on and the group entered the cave through the small crevice. It was pitch black as they entered the cave and an instant silence fell among the group. They made their way through the cave, adjusting their bodies according to how small a gap was or how low the ceiling was. Everywhere they looked there was bats. They weren’t doing much flying though, mainly just chilling out observing all our father and sons. The biggest obstacle of the trip was the huge ladder down into the main part of the cave. It was small in width and some dad’s definitely struggled after all the food they’d already had at camp : )

All in all though a thoroughly enjoyable trip and fun was had by all! Below are some pictures of our happy campers!

Alex Newton and Cash Taylor enjoying their trip to Saluda
Our group receiving instructions from Meryl.

The whole group just before their epic adventure into the cave!

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