Father son weekend kicks off with half day trips!

What a fantastic way to start the father son weekend! 5 half day trips rock climbing, fly fishing, mountain biking, sea kayaking and caving with our huge group of over 50 father and sons. Over the next few days I’ll be putting up pictures and details from each trip that went out starting with fly fishing.

Mando Manderson the Man and Kylie scared of bears Baker led the group of hungry fly fishers out to Lake Alfred for a morning of ultimate fly fishing. Jimbo showed up half way through to show off his majestic skills (he even reeled in a huge clunker) and expertise to the father and sons who looked on in awe. Thankfully the fish were hungry and the biting soon began. ‘Fish on’ could be heard every few minutes as the fish were reeled in time and time again. Below are some pictures of our successful fly fishers.

Richard and Tyler Lingle with one of the many fish they caught

Jackson Smith with the huge klunker he reeled in

Sean and Hudson O'Connell showing off their fly fishing skills

Group shot of our morning fly fishers.....this was the silly face pose!


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