Spring has sprung, again.

Spring is in the Air here in Western North Carolina.  After a week of beautiful weather in the 70’s, the temperatures dipped back down to below freezing. We even had a few snow showers throughout the region. Farmers were covering their crops and we were chopping fire wood again for added heat.  Luckily after a week of grey skies, lots of rain, and cold nights, spring has returned.   The mountain sides are now filled with bright orange, red and green blossoms.  With the increased longer days, the winter staff has been taking full advantage of the weather with after work activities such as disc golf, tennis, kayaking, hikes, and horseback riding.

The horses too are well aware of the upcoming work season and can be seen soaking in the rays and enjoying the last few weeks before they get to carry all the boys through the woods and around the arena.

Our beautiful lake with the trees beginning to blossom


Our lake in the heat of the day


The horses having a roll

The horses playing musical statues


Nuzzy enjoying the soft grass



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