The hot, the cold and the freezing!!!!

Zac (seagull) Wilson and Tom Bergamin in Transfăgărăşan, Romania!

So it’s that time of year and I thought all us CCB fanatics could do with a pick up one way or another. Camp has begun to get really really cold. How times have changed from the warm temperatures of October! Alfred recently returned from the first staff hiring event since camp ended, but due to the arctic conditions of the UK there weren’t a huge amount of staff to be found at either the Sheffield fair or the Glasgow fair. He did however bump into some staff from recent summers here at camp. Some of you will remember Kyle Mcdowell (2008) and all of you know Eddie Heakin and Adam Allison. Amy finished her 18 months here at camp on November 21st and headed back over the pond (the UK) to begin her life as an adult. She was a brilliant help to have at camp throughout her time here and we hope she’ll be returning for at least a part of the summer in 2011. Since then Simone has taken over the reigns and has been as hard working as ever in organising all the pizza parties over the past few months and the upcoming ones in January. As well as all her other jobs Simone has also been taking care of some of your favourite animals at camp……no not Elvis and Lulu, the Camp Carolina horses! Jimbo has continued his pizza part tour and always comes home with stories of how great it was to see you guys and catch up with you all.

Right now at camp, we’re beginning the process of hiring new staff and getting returnee staff to get their forms in for another amazing summer here at CCB in 2011. Below are some pictures of the staff from 2010 and what they’ve been up to since the end of camp.


Eddie Heakin (the dogfather) with his new best friend from Peru.....Kusi the alpaca
Kylie Baker having fun in the snow in Wiltshire, England!

Marc Smethurst, Simon Lyttelton. Craig Bond, Zac Wilson, Jarrod Browning and Danny Hogan enjoying their adventure in Nevada


I’m going to end this post with news of a Newts favourite Craig Ahmed. He had this to say………………..

This is my female Harris Hawk Jess. She is 18 months old. She is currently in her second hunting season. We got her

Craig Ahmed with his amazing Harris Hawk Jess!

aged seventeen weeks as she was a parent reared bird. I take her out regularly either just for exercise letting her fly over local fields that farmers have given me permission to use, or to hunt with her. She will hunt rabbit, pheasant or the odd duck although soon after I returned from camp she was lucky enough to catch a wood-pigeon which is generally too fast for a Harris Hawk to catch. She flies best at 2.1lb.

Since returning back to England after camp I have spent most of my time looking after her. Camp has also inspired me to start a new career looking after children in care.
I miss all of the children from camp so much as well as the other counsellors!

Hope you guys are all well,

Craig Ahmed (Newts Counsellor and Earthworks staff)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. craig ahmed says:

    “newts favourite” -thanks guys it means alot 🙂

  2. Charlie Johnson says:

    Craig – cool bird. See you in August!

    Charlie Johnson

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