Camp Carolina……..coming to a home near you, soon!

This weekend saw the turn of Ivey Hannon and family, Robin James and family and the trio of the Davis, Surka and Jones families hosting yet more of our world famous pizza parties. Firstly, I’d just like to say how great it was to see all you campers and parents! So on Friday night Jimbo was in Nashville, TN for the Hannon pizza party, then on Sunday he was in Atlanta, GA for the James party and  Alfred was at the Davis, Surka, Jones pizza party. Every party is great fun and a really cool way for you guys to catch up with Alfred and Jimbo and share some of your memories with not just them , but some of the new guys who are thinking about coming to camp for the best summer of their life in 2011. Below are a couple of snaps from recent pizza parties. Don’t forget, we’ll be in a neighborhood near you soon, so please come on down and give CCB your support and join in all the fun.

Next up on the pizza party tour:

Tschieder’s on Saturday 16th and the Ryan’s on Sunday 17th October in Tallahassee and the Bettencourt’s on Sunday 17th in Swannanoa near Asheville!

More dates to follow.

Jimbo, Ivey and the boys from the Hannon pizza party!

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