Noltes hauls in giant goldfish

This picture was sent into us by Nick Noltes who has attended camp for the past 2 summers. Nick caught this huge clunker whilst out fishing with his family on Labor day weekend down at Orange beach, Alabama. Below is a picture of Nick and his amazing catch, which turned out to be a snapper.

Carry on sending in these amazing pictures campers, so the whole CCB community can keep up to date with what y’all are getting up to.

Kind Regards


Camp Carolina

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nick Noltes says:

    i know that guy

  2. Willem says:

    That s actually a Bull Snapper a Fish that can bend your Rod!
    I happened to be the Captain on The Flying Dutchman when he reeled in this Red Snapper!

  3. JJ Shepherd says:

    Great job Nick if you have any extra meat send it up to camp. Jimbo is looking hungry since the kitchen closed.

  4. Nick Noltes says:

    haha we couldn’t eat it because it is illegal right now. (its out of season)

  5. Jupiter5 says:

    What The Man doesn’t know won’t hurt him…
    -Jack Sweeney

  6. craig ahmed says:

    Great fish Nick!
    It was a pleasure teaching you how to fly fish this summer and taking you on the prize trip. You were always well behaved and keen to learn!

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