Anyone for pizza….?

So for those of you that don’t know, I’ll be working here at camp on an 18 month trainee visa helping Alfred and Mary Eccles as well as JJ of course to organize the various events that go on here as well as all over the US throughout the year. Working hard in the office we’ve got Simone, Amos, Jen, Maryann and lest we forget Mary Eccles and on the road will be Alfred, JJ and I. The girls will be organizing the pizza parties that we hold in our camper’s houses from now until February with a break between thanksgiving and New Year to give us all time to spend with our loved ones.

The pizza parties involve us traveling to various campers’ houses across the country to perform a slideshow which includes our promo DVD and a range of other information regarding Camp Carolina. At the end of this, we answer questions or queries that any parents or children in attendance may have. The aim of these pizza parties is to promote Camp Carolina and to see if we can’t get an even bigger CCB community.

As the year draws on we start to look into the hiring of our fantastic staff for the summer of 2011. Each year it’s hard to replace our staff as they really are an amazing bunch of pro’s but as always the show must go on and the hunt for the next band of merry men and women begins with staff hiring fairs across the globe including South Africa, England, New Zealand, Eastern Europe and those crazy fake kiwi’s from Australia.

For those of you not signed up for summer 2011, visit our website or click on the links below to save you a spot for the best summer yet. Hope y’all are doing great and I hope to see you at some point in the coming year.

Kind Regards


Camper –

Return Staff –

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  1. Dave & Sue Brooks says:

    Happy Christmas to Jim, Simone, Philip and all the extended Camp Carolina family. We’ll be toasting ya’ll on the 25th with Christmas grits !
    Love from all the Brookses xx

  2. Dave & Sue Brooks says:

    Happy Christmas to Jim, ~Simone, Philip and all at Camp Carolina.
    We’ll be thinking of you all and raising a glass
    Love from all us Brookses xx

    PS Don’t forget the grits !

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