New Artwork By Paige Davis

The gym was in a need of a face lift, we have art work inside the gym around the skate park but nothing on the outside. We need something to give it life, something to brighten it up, someone like Paige Davis!

Paige Davis graced us with her artistic abilities during the main session to create master pieces with the boys for the camp sight. Her last and her biggest project was the gym mural. She ran the art trip over a series of days with artistically minded campers and so it slowly formed, like vision, a man in a canoe, paddling down the Might Pigeon in to the sunset.

Wanting to make sure that it had the most prime position the we took down the old climbing wall outside the gym and by the end of the first week of August Session it was finally completed for all to see.

A big Camp Carolina “Thank You” to Paige and all the campers that helped complete it- it looks amazing!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jupiter5 says:

    That’s me in the navy blue with the bandage on!
    –Jack Sweeney

  2. Alex Hale says:

    That was so much fun. I am so very happy and impressed with the outcome! The totem pole was an amazing accomplishment as well. Mrs. Davis is a very talented artist.

    ~Alex Hale, Camper during the main session 2010

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