Dreaming our Cabin Days away

Oh how the boys love cabin day!

Packing up during rest hour, setting up camp, starting a fire, building damns, catching crayfish, throwing around a ball, Enjoying the simple things in life, like telling stories around the camp fire, watching the stars come out over the night sky, sleeping in tarps they built them selves, roasting s’more, What more could you ask for!

The Newts and Dogs set off to The Kurkendall camp site together and spend the afternoon playing football on the grass and engaging in a lengthily battle of “Top Trumps”- a detailed card game of comparing superhero skills and abilities till one player has all the cards.

While the Manders and Huggers headed off the White Pines North and South, building damns in the creeks that run close by and catching local crayfish.

On the menu was hot dogs and chips, pb and j if still hungry and for dessert was sodas and chocolate followed by a late night snack around the camp fire of s’mores – the meal of champions. With full bellies the boys fell asleep listening to the sounds of the great outdoors. Up early they pack up their tarps and made sure they left no rubbish behind and headed back to camp for showers and breakfast to start another amazing day at Camp Carolina.

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