What a morning! The daring Newts tackled the large rock we like to call ‘The Nose’ and managed to reach new heights and conquer old fears. It was the Newts turn to show off their climbing skills on the big ‘Nose’ and boy did they not fail to impress.

Morning started with the boys all gearing up with their harness, shoes and helmets. Then they hit the road for a 15 minute drive through Pisgah Forest to reach their climb. Most of the boys had completed the In Camp Rock Climbing clinic to teach them a little bit about climbing and repelling down a wall, so many of the boys were more than ready to test their skills on a real rock. Once they reach the ‘Nose’ it was straight into the safety talk done by MJ to demonstrate what to do if case of falling rocks.

The boys sped up the rock looking like spider monkeys as they flew up the rock face. Using all that they had learnt in the clinics they were able to see where to put their hands and feet in order to get to the top. Once they reached the top they enjoyed an amazing view of the surrounding forest and they were impressed with just how high they had climbed. Showing no fear the boys let go of the rock, leant back and repelled all the way down even looking down to say to the rest of the boys. The boys showed skills that would impress any person and they had fun while doing it.

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