I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!

The Biltmore Train is a weekly treat for everyone here at Camp Carolina. Imagine if you will the very idea of unlimited icecream. Even more amazing is 97 boys and unlimited icecream together. Yes, we’re that crazy!
So after the initial rush to have hands cleaned and to grab a cone, all the boys ‘calmly’ lined up ready for something to eat. The moment everyone got firsts, ‘American Large’ became available – essentially a super-massive scoop of goodness far larger than should ever be legal. With everything from Scoopahero to Cookies & Cream to choose from and the option of stacks on available, everyone was all smiles and for a few minutes unable to talk.

When everyone had their fill, it was time to head back to cabins for a quick rest before this afternoons activity of Capture the Flag!
It involves all the boys splitting up into 3 groups, each with their own area. Each area has it’s own jail and it’s own flag which they try to protect. The players themselves are tagged with a ribbon corresponding to their team, Red Blue and Yellow. Players must get to another teams base and get their flag without loosing their ribbon. If they do, they’re sent to that teams jail. For each player a team tags, a point is gained. Capturing a flag and getting it back to your home base gains mega points, and players can be broken out from jail.
With Yellow in Dog valley, they had a height to their advantage. Being on the top of a hill with a view of the entire camp, it was impossible to sneak up on them. Red team was in the middle up on cookout hill. Found between the two other teams, it was a quick run to break out their guys and grab a flag or two. Finally Blue was found just past the OD field. Their spot gave them a nice run to both of the other teams, and being more out of the way were a little bit safer. At least so

they thought. Ambushed by Red and Yellow at the games start, things didn’t get easier. Pretty soon Yellow was leading, and while Red was off to a good start, Blue were coming a close
second. By the end of the game, it was really too close to call so all the boys were winners in their own way. Having finally worked off all that icecream, it was finally time for dinner before heading off to campfire for another amazing story at Vespers. The boys all sat transfixed and listened attentively. All good things must come to an end, so eventually it was off to activity sign-ups for this week and finally a quick reward – pizza before showers and bed.
What a day!

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