Don’t stop the music

Last night the boys of CCB were treated to an out of camp trip for their dance with Camp Ton-A-Wondah. They washed, they deodorized and they put on their best clothes ready to impress the ladies. All the boys piled into the buses and vans and the music was cranked up to get the boys in the mood to groove. 20 minutes later the boys had arrived and the girls were more than excited to see them. It was straight into the gym to show off their dance moves to anyone who would watch.

The boys were complete gentleman when it came to asking a lady for a dance. They were polite and danced for the whole song and some for another two or three songs. When they weren’t playing slow songs the boys and girls were ripping up the dance floor with some amazing moves that even jaw dropped a few councilors. The music was a great selection from the Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift and even Queen made an appearance.

Half way through the dance the boys were again treated to ice cream sandwiches. What more could the boys ask for, perhaps a phone number or email address off the lovely ladies of Ton-A-Wondah? Many of the boys were more than happy to just dance the night away and for those lucky boys that did receive a number or an email address it was all smiles the rest of the night.

When the dance finally ended the boys were reluctant to leave, but with the insistence of the councilors it was time to leave to go back to camp. The boys talked and giggled about the night just gone and then it was off to bed.

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