Bikers beware

On Friday afternoon a few brave Dogs and Manders launched into a wicked mountain biking session through DuPont Forest. The boys were first fitted to a bike that most suited their height and build by our wonderful trip leaders Grace and MC. Once the van and trailers were packed it was off to see the trails.

After the short 20 minute drive to our drop off point the boys were more than eager to burn off some energy. It was a quick safety talk by Grace explaining to the boys what to do in case they fall off their bikes. Then it was straight into the trails racing each other for pole position.

Grace lead the boys on a trail that started on Hickory Mountain Road then went down the slopes of Hooker Creek trail. The gradual incline up Ridgeline trail tested many of the boys’ fitness but then they were rewarded with a nice downhill slope on Hickory Mountain Road where the boys could pick up some speed and jump a few ramps all the way back to the van.

The boys raced down the slopes with no fear and were more than eager to test out the jumps that nature had provided them. After an afternoon sweating up their t-shirts, it was time to head back to camp just in time for a vita-pup and then a delicious dinner.

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