Water, water everywhere – so lets have fun!

Triple falls is always good – there’s just something about the incredible views and sparkling fresh water which make us one with nature. On a magnificent Tuesday morning, there were 14 of us, 10 boys, and even before arriving we were excited. With some recent rainfall it was apparent there was a lot of water. We were not let down. After a casual hike over the bridge, along the path (with a scenic drink break), across the river, over the rocks and under the tree we found our destination – a sliding rock, waterfall, swimming hole, and lots of photo opportunities The boys were right into it. The big sliding rock was inaccessible with so much water however we had a smaller one we could use. We all had the opportunity to go underneath the waterfall, play in the swimming hole (talk about fresh!), and just hang out and have fun!!

Once exhausted it was time to head back to camp. The walk back was an interesting one – a few of us saw crazy spiders, a tree which couldn’t decide which way to grow (it kept changing it’s mind), and of course a squirrel. The drive back went quick as we all talked about our adventure and back at camp, we were first in line for those glorious refreshments called Vita-pups!

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