Horses. Poetry in motion

Horses are cool, so to have the opportunity to learn how to take care of and ride these majestic creatures is fantastic. Today was the Newts opportunity. With eight boys and just as many instructors there was a lot of hands on learning. How to clean hoofs, shoes, brush their tails and mane, comb their hair, saddle them up and put on the reigns, and how to safetly feed from your hand. Once we understood more about them it was finally time to get into the ring. Four at a time we all learnt how to start and
stop, turn and at the end canter.

The boys all did really well as they all managed to successfully weave the witches hats and control what was for a while a few stubborn horses.
As usual, time flew by and finally it was time to
feed the big guys a treat and brush them off before leading them back to the fields. All the boys were enthusiastic about their hands on experience
and it proved to be very educational and fun.

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