Hike away those blues.

This afternoon it was another trip for the Dogs and Newts to Triple Falls in the impressively large Dupont State Forest. For some of the boys the word ‘hike’ spread fear into their hearts. But with a little encouragement from their Trip Leader Mando ‘The Man’ Manderson the boys were soon fired up for the hike to the waterfalls.

The hike itself was not too strenuous for us adults but I’m sure to the little Newts it felt like they were hiking for days. But the Dogs being good role models pursued ahead and helped the little guys on their way.

After what seemed like forever you could start to hear the faint rumble of the falls in the distance. We then finally made it to the waterfalls and boy was it a sight to see. The waterfall itself was at least 100ft tall and was cascading with gallons and gallons of water. The boys were eager to jump into the water and test out nature’s very own sliding rock. Once they had the chance to slide down the rock, the boys were ready to test out their swimming skills by swimming out to the bottom of the waterfalls.

All the boys made it out to bottom of the waterfalls and were able to sit underneath and have the gushing water fall over their heads cooling them off. The boys then found a small opening in the rocks were they were able to dive through and use like a tube. After what seemed like only 5 minutes it was time for the boys to get out of the water and get ready for the drive back to camp.

On the hike back to the van the boys were more than eager to get back to camp and so their little feet propelled them forward at amazing speeds. The boys knew the quicker they get back to the van, the quicker they get back to camp for a cool and refreshing vita-pup.

All in all the boys learnt that hiking really isn’t that bad especially when it ends with a beautiful view and an awesome swim.

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