Overboard with the Dogs.

Whitewater rafting with the Dogs was never going to be boring in the slightest. The Dogs this session are a small group of 17 but boy do they make their presence known. The day started off with a rousing bus ride to the Lower Pigeon filled with tribal chants and endless singing of Justin Bieber songs even if they deny it. The boys also got involved in a game of getting as many truck drivers to honk their horns. I believe the final count for the morning was 24 out of 30 trucks that passed us.

Once we arrived at the drop in for the Lower Pigeon it was all in team effort by the whitewater crew setting up for the day and inflating the rafts for the boys. The boys then enjoyed a quick lunch of man-sandwiches and granola bars. It was then time for Collier’s safety talk explaining the rules of the rafts and indulging the boys in all the games they will get to play on the river such as raft wars, helicopters and pirates.

By this stage the boys were ready and eager to hit the waters. After ferrying into the rapids the boys could not be happier and were prepared to put their lives on the line to protect their rafts from those dreaded ‘beaver sharks’. After going down their first rapid you could see the thrill of exhilaration on each boys face and the want for more. During the flat parts of the river the boys enjoyed a free swim and attempted a man challenge of trying to get their raft guide into the water. Working as a team on each raft the boys succeeded in becoming men for a day. After a few more rapids and a lot more swimming and games it was time to head back to camp.

The bus ride home was still as rousing as the morning ride over. The boys despite rafting all day were still full of energy and continued with their game of getting truck drivers to honk their horns. Once back at camp the boys were more than thankful to their raft guides and bus driver, and then it was off to the Vita-Pup stand to quench their thirsts.

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