From lake to wake.

For those boys who just can’t get enough of the waters at CCB and the thrill of the skate park is wearing off, wakeboarding is just the activity for them. And the Huggers from this session were more than ready to bring their skills out for show.

The day started off early for the 1.5 hour drive to Lake Jocassee just over the border in South Carolina. The beautiful waters and calmness of the lake seemed more inviting than the actual wakeboarding but this did not distract the boys from their main priority.

Once the boats were warmed up it was straight into the wakeboarding. The boys looked like pros gliding over the wake and jumping to heights that just seem a little bit crazy. Each boy was eager to give it all their best and was even more eager to help each other to better their skills. Even the first time wake boarders were able to stand up after a few goes and even surprised themselves. After a few hours of wakeboarding the stomachs of growing men were growling like lions. This meant a trip to the docks to feed those bellies.

After lunch it was straight back to the waters for some more wakeboarding and even some exploring of the beautiful waterfalls in the area. The waterfalls were spectacular and shocked even the boys at its beauty. What was even more shocking was the coldness of the water around the waterfall as compared to the water in the rest of the lake. The boys had the chance to jump off the 35ft rock commonly known as ‘Jump Rock’. They showed no fear and jumped to their hearts content.

As the clouds started to roll in, the boys were all packed up and ready to head back to camp to again feed their huge bellies. The boys enjoyed a great day on the water and learned to fine tune their skills on the wakeboard.

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