Rafting with the Newts!

Newts whitewater rafting is always a lot of fun and today was no exception. Newts this session is a small group so with only 19 boys the day went very smoothly. We traveled over to the Tennessee border to the lower Pigeon river where after a quick lunch got right into things. John gave a safety talk to the boys and taught them about the river and mentioned some of the awesome things we were about to do like raft wars, pirates, flipping, and of course the ‘beaver sharks’.

The moment the boys were on the river they were all smiles. They went down their first rapid, attempted a man challenge where they tried to catch a leaf from a passing tree using only their teeth, and then went for a swim and played games. A few more rapids and a lot of fun later, it was time to head back to camp just in time for dinner.

The boys got really into their tribal war cries even inventing some new lyrics. As we were on the bus we were going more slowly than other traffic so they really enjoyed trying to get the trucks to honk their horns – after a few unsuccessful attempts they finally got the hang of it and soon each passing truck met cheers from all the boys.

Finally back at camp and it was straight to dinner. The guys were rewarded afterwards with the opening of the candy store before tribal skits. Each tribe then selects two cabins for the whole camp tribal competition tomorrow night; it’s going to be a blast!

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