Being Brave in the Cave!

This morning we took a selection of our most brave and adventurous campers from the Dogs tribe out to Salouda cave. Following a treacherous hike down to the mouth of the cave we were all “buddied up” and told to watch our step. With headlamps turned on we crawled carefully into the confined space that we would be exploring for the next couple of hours.

Halfway through the cave we were faced with navigating through what is known as the “Ultimate Squeeze.” This required each of us to adopt a pose more suited to synchronized swimming as we crawled head first, lying on our side through the tightest part of the cave. Once we were all through it was now time to experience the true wonder of the cave as one by one we were instructed to turn off our headlamps, being eventually plunged into a darkness that prevented you from seeing your own hand inches away from your face!

With our time up, we headed back out to our original entrance and away from the cool confines of the cave and into the stifling Carolina heat (though refreshing Vita-Pups were only a short drive away!).

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