Welcome August Session!

Its the beginning of a new day, a new session and a new adventure!

After lugging heavy trunks and an assortment of bikes, skateboards, diablos and those random items which beg the question – “will they even need that”, inside the cabins, most boys headed down to the waterfront to cool off from the hot sun. It’s only day one but already there’s quite a few guys showing off their diving and flipping skills. Those not so fond of heights had their chance to show off on the slide running down dining hall hill, where others threw a footy, kicked a ball or tossed a frisbee. There was music, fun, homesick parents, and of course our legendary vitapups!!

After a delicious hot lunch, it was time to get into the full swing of things! JJ and Alfred both gave one of their infamous speeches and after a quick camp tour our amazing councilors were introduced. Americans, Aussies, Kiwis, Costa Ricans,  South Africans, Europeans, guys and girls from all over the world. The swimming test followed with the boys playing an energetic game of war-ball and Alfred talked to the boys about the only award possible at camp – the Old Man of the Mountain. It concentrates on virtues such as good citizenship, respect for others and yourself, being a positive roll model, and doing things for the benefit of others.

Finally it was time for dinner and time for activity sign-ups. The councilors put on skits explaining each activity for the boys so they knew what to expect, and were rewarded with pizzas at the end of the night.

It’s been a big first day here, and tomorrow things start getting busy! It’s going to be a great couple weeks!!

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