What a weekend!

The weekend has gone by so fast and we are in to our final week already, but what fun we had this weekend!

Saturday morning we headed off to Sliding Rock, where the water is solar heated to a comfortable 72 degrees while back at camp we had Camper Day with activites such as Army Low Ropes, Bezerk Diving and Nuts Slip and Slip. In the afternoon we had our All Camp Game of “Commander Caper” where all tribes are divided into two teams, The Rangers and The Commandos. The Commandos attempt to take down The Rangers targets (Councilors covered with war paint) with water balloons. The battle was long and epic and too close to call in the end. That night was our dance with the lovely ladies from Camp Rockbrook, where our boys were perfect gentlemen and fun was had by all.

On Sunday we slowed the pace down with Vespers in the morning with Preston and Biltmore Train after lunch. Our All Camper Game for Sunday was “Messages to Garcia” where the camper in mixed team must complete challenges to receive clues for the next task and a single word. Once they have completed all challenges and received all words they put them together in a sentence to discover a clue for the final destination. After Cookout we then close the night with Vespers with Preston and sign up for final week of activities.

Everyone is looking forward to the Prize Trips this week and for those who are staying in camp there is a rumor we might have a few visits from Keystone Girls Camp and Camp Rockbrook for a bit of friendly competition!

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