A True Gentleman

It’s the end of the third week of the main session and we have a few prize trips that have already started going out. Among the prize trips was an open trip to Connestee golf course. On the other hand, we hand our second film workshop with the Manders today.

Friday nights will always be special at camp – It is a time to enjoy the traditional camp songs and reflect on the important things shared throughout the week. During the campfire it was evident that the boys have made such close friends, and as they sang Backcountry road I’m sure they felt a sense of belonging to Camp Carolina. It was a meaningful experience to everyone, campers and staff included. As usual, campfire started with rousing songs, followed by trip reports and the story teller. After story telling, it was time for Old Man of the Mountain Award presentation , and the boys eagerly waited to be called up for the only award that a camper can get at Camp Carolina. It’s was an honor for the Intro 2 campers who received the first step of the Old Man of the Mountain Award, and even a great honor for Justin who received the tenth step on his paddle. Justin received a standing ovation from other campers, and it was an encouragement to fellow campers to be consistent good citizens.

Congratulations to all campers who have earned the award!

Justin - tenth step

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