Cabin Day Fun

We had another awesome day on Wednesday. The morning was comprised of regular activities and trips. Among the trips was the Huggers paintball trip to the Line of Fire and Intro 2 campers hike to the Triple falls.
However, Wednesday at Camp follows a different schedule than the other days of the week. All boys have the opportunity to camp out every Wednesday night and hang out with campers in their age group.

This sentence is epic. And so is this one; but they both pale in comparison to the epic awesomeness that is and always will be CABIN DAY!!
Last night was fun – a lot of fun. True to tradition (“it never rains on Cabin Day”) it was blue skies till nightfall – hotdogs, crisps, sodas, candy and the legendary Smores!
In the Newts tribe there were boys everywhere. Down by the river, throwing a footy, learning and improving their diablo skills from a couple of our resident masters and learning how to start a campfire and put up tarps. We had our weekly Counselors vs Newts battle and story-time around the campfire at dark where Jimbo, a true Story Ninja entertained everyone. For what may become a new tradition at Camp Carolina, the Newts and Dogs tribes in neighboring campsites had a chant off. While the officials claim a tie, those of us more biased think the Newts won.

Over at the Dogs site, Mando and Eddie showed off just how clever and witty they were, successfully defending against some unexpected tribal warfare and games. Besides the usual activities, they got a good game of soccer happening and by the end of the night everyone was exhausted and ready for an early start the next day.
Not to be outdone, the Huggers proved they’re still kings at camp. With the luxury of space, there was a big game of American Football which seemed to last forever and for those who enjoy something a little different Lacrosse was happening too. After dinner they managed to build an excessively large tower of Soda cans before creating yet more war-cries to stun everyone at breakfast.
Manders had the privilege of Camp Carolina to themselves. Having free roam on the waterfront wasn’t enough for them, so they spilled over to the soccer/football fields, Tennis/Basketball courts, and camped out under the stars near our weekly campfire location. Blessed with being on camp also meant a slight sleep-in the next day; much needed for today brings a lot of out-of-camp and overnight trips to random and intense places!
So with yet another successful Cabin Day, the countdown to seasons end starts!
Boy am I enthusiastic!

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