Triple falls hike and Intro 2 Rafting

It was nothing but clear skies for the Manders and Huggers Tripple Falls hike today. With eleven boys walking the trail there was still a sense of peace and bonding as everyone took in the serenity around them. When we arrived at our first stop it was time for a quick drink break before continuing to our real destination – the Upper Falls, a place where words cannot do justice and photos cannot compare. Everyone got the opportunity to slide underneath the waterfall, swim its pure waters, and even slide down the side. After an hour of exploring it was time to head back to camp for a yummy lunch of lasagna and apple pie!!

We went rafting down the lower Pigeon with the Intro 2 Newts and Dogs and boy, did we have fun. We left in the morning driving all the way to Tennessee and had sandwiches for lunch, and then we jumped into our rafts and headed down the river. Going down the rapids was so exciting for the boys but the most fun was during “Raft Wars” where boys tried to take over other rafts by playfully pushing the others into the water. I’m sure the boys can’t wait to go again soon!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Schiavo says:

    Love it. More photos please!

  2. Kristin Finley says:

    Awesome, looks like they are all having fun!!

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