Fun Camp Activities and Wakeboarding

Today marked the first full day for Intro 2 campers, and for the rest of the campers it’s the third week of camp. The whole camp was busy with campers launching into the favorite activities they signed up for last night. As always, today was not limited to in camp activities. Campers had the opportunity to sign up for out of camp trips, and among the trips was the Manders wake-boarding to Lake Jocassee with pictures below.

After a delicious meal of pasta, the camp headed for the evening program.For the evening program campers played “Hot Rodicus SuperSonicus”. In this game campers were grouped into teams while counselors hide. The objective of the game was for campers to find counselors and bring them to a check point to be weighed. Campers brought found counselors to the check point by dragging, carrying, or walking them and the teams got a point for every pound the counselor weighs. Everyone had a blast today and the Intro 2 campers are looking forward to their first whitewater rafting trip on the almighty Lower Pigeon river in Tennessee.

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